Me inna suit

Getting Shirty

Bad news: the realisation that not only am I running low on laundered shirts for work, but also that I am not going to be able to wash and iron/have ironed the ones I've already been wearing.
Good news: the realisation that Charles Tyrwhitt have an offer on their shirts.
Bad news: ordering five for next day delivery to the office and then finding out that only one is in stock.
Good news: seeing that three others are expected to be in stock today.
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Dear Diary

Skydive Fail Redux: Le Weekend

Another great weekend: an early-ish start for me, as I had another photoshoot planned with the fab Anita De Bauch at her home in North London. She's a great hostess as well as model: knowing I'm watching my weight and love my coffee, she'd laid on decent coffee and some very low calorie snacks to munch on during the shoot, which was on a Hollywood/Film Noir/Boudoir theme.

Some great results already despite my not really having much if any time for edits on Saturday afternoon before I headed over to Epsom for Dinner and a film: the really rather dull "Paranormal Activity 2".

Sunday morning and off we went over towards Swindon for  our second attempt at skydiving ... and our second postponement, again due to weather. Grr! Trying again in October.

Back to Epsom before heading out for an 11.5 miles bike ride over the downs and country parks accompanying GT who's doing another half marathon in a couple of weeks and hasn't really trained. Trained? Trust me, she doesn't need to: she treated it with disdain like a stroll to the shops. Awesome, as they say...
Careful now!


I've had a bit of a cull of my Friends list on LJ. Apologies if you've been deleted and if you really feel indignant about it, it's not my fault: it's my age. Comment and I'll add you back!
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What should I write?


Not dead yet.

Went to Washington DC.

Bought a Samsung NC10 Netbook on the way and was (and still am) very impressed.

Watched and enjoyed "Four Christmases" (not too bad), "The Hangover" (loved it, but you must watch the end credits too), "The Hurt Locker", "The Proposal" (didn't expect to enjoy this one, but did) and started watching "Watchmen" (must get the DVD so I can see the rest).

I heart Virgin Atlantic Upper Class.

Loving life at the moment.

That is all.


Not a typo.

Here's a shot of my inner thigh:

It was Jack's birthday and at his paintball party, the birthday boys have to do a "birthday run": across one arena and back ... with both teams lined up along the side to shoot at you. As Jack's under 16, they had to ask my permission for him to do the run and as Jack was looking worried I said no ... and had to run it for him!

This is the worst of 25+ paintball bruises.